Student Welders

Sidney Lee Welding Supply provides the student of welding with the protective equipment and welding machines that will ensure success. Our small welding machines, torches, and filler metals from top manufacturers like Miller and Hobart are part of the perfect starter setup for the student welder. We offer a wide range of welding helmets to suit the needs and budget of welders in training. From standard welding hats to new models of electronic helmets featuring air filtration, as well as the gloves, jackets, ear and eye protection, and all the safety equipment you require, we supply an entire range of gear for students seeking welding equipment in Georgia.

We specialize in providing our student welders with the best welding supplies from distributors such as:

  • Miller Welding Machines
  • Hobart Welding Machines
  • Tillman Gloves
  • Victor Welding and Cutting Torches
  • Jackson Helmets, Eyewear, Welding Tools, and Student Kits

We proudly offer student discounts to eligible customers.


Our main office is conveniently located in Hampton, GA with additional locations serving your need for welding supplies and industrial, medical, and scientific gases in Conyers, Macon, Douglasville, and Atlanta, GA.