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Sidney Lee Welding Supply provides the student of welding with the protective equipment and welding machines that will ensure success. Our small welding machines, torches, and filler metals from top manufacturers like Miller and Hobart are part of the perfect starter setup for the student welder. We offer a wide range of welding helmets to...

Metals 101: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials

There are a lot of metals out there, and here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply, we supply all kinds of metals and welding supplies for Hampton, GA, and the larger Georgia area. Here are the basics. There are different metals that welders can work with – aluminum, alloys, steel – and they fall into two...

Intro To Filler Materials

Welding is the process of joining metals together. In that process, there is often a need for a filler material or consumable so that there is a strong bond between the two metals. In certain welding techniques, like arc welding, the filler material doesn’t just fill the seam, but it also makes it easier to...


Our main office is conveniently located in Hampton, GA with additional locations serving your need for welding supplies and industrial, medical, and scientific gases in Conyers, Macon, Douglasville, and Atlanta, GA.