Sydney Lee sells 50-pound bags of blacksmith coal at all store locations. As Received Specs:
from the Pocahontas #3 seam mined in SE West Virginia.

As Received Specs:
  • Size: Pea 1 x 3/8
  • Moisture: 1.48%
  • Ash: 7.12%
  • Sulfur: .75%
  • BTU/lb: 14,373
  • BTU/lb: 15,724 (dry, ash-free)
  • Volatile Matter: 18.63%
  • Fixed Carbon: 79.62% (dry ash-free)
  • Free Swelling Index (Coke Button) 9
  • Lbs sulfur per million BTU: 0.52

Coal analysis report by Geochemical Testing, Somerset, PA

Did you know we also sell Kanca German horn style anvils?

We currently stock 75-pound, 110-pound, and 165-pound anvils along with a selection of Kanca Vises. Kanca anvils are forged with high grade steel with surface hardness of 54-62 HRC and produced in Turkey.

77 LB. Anvil
110 LB. Anvil
165 LB. Anvil

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