Who are we?

The story of Sidney Lee Welding Supply, established in 1968, is one of learning on the job and doing whatever it takes to do the job required. It is one of working hard, sacrificing, and pulling together as a family to make a dream come true. Sidney Lee's belief in the entrepreneurial dream was tested when he risked the family's livelihood to leave a well-paid job at Delta Airlines. Still, it was not a decision made lightly or without first testing the waters. At the close of his shift, Sidney would typically travel to the downtown Atlanta, GA, distributor's location to fill whatever cylinders he needed refilling. While there, a chance comment from Sidney describing the need for a southern metro area distributor resulted in a business offer. Sidney Lee's response of, "I'll do it!” was all it took for the hardworking Lee to launch The Sidney Lee Company, later known as Sidney Lee Welding Supply. With a 1956 GMC truck, some rented cylinders, a few supplies, and a small list of customers located in the four small towns in that area, Lee was in business, working from his garage until 1983. At that point, Sidney moved to a new facility on the highway in Hampton, GA.


Moving to the Hampton location marked the first signs of growth that the company would see. Along with a small core group of seven or eight people, Sidney; his wife, Vivian; and their two sons, Zane and Steve, the company grew as they continued to learn new skills as the business required. Consolidations in the local market presented an opportunity for the company to open its first branch store in Conyers, Georgia, in the fall of 1994. Shortly after, they started filling argon in various mixes along with oxygen and carbon dioxide. The company also became a Miller Warranty Center. The Lees opened a store in Macon, Georgia, in 2005. One year later, under Vivian's direction, they completed significant renovations to their original facility, adding new offices and a showroom. Shortly after, a new fill plant was built in Hampton. In 2012, a branch was opened in Douglasville, Georgia, along with several other acquisitions in the surrounding years that would lead to Sidney Lee Welding Supply expanding further in different markets, establishing divisions such as Easy CO2, a beverage gas enterprise. The last branch to open was strategically placed in Doraville, Georgia, and helps provide the company with complete coverage of the metropolitan Atlanta area.


Our company has always prided itself in being family owned and independently operated. We are directly involved with the issues of our customers, and national firms struggle to compete with our responsive customer service. With five locations across Georgia, our products and services are easily accessible. We can quickly and easily adapt to your needs without the typical corporate bureaucracy, enabling us to consistently achieve our mission: “providing the best products and the highest level of customer service.”

When you buy from us, you gain more than just the product you need; you are provided with the expertise and knowledge that we have gained from over 50 years in the industry. Our customers are our partners, so we learn the ins and outs of your business. This knowledge helps you accomplish your goals efficiently and allows us to truly add value to the relationship that we hold with each customer. As a company, we strive to create a relationship with each customer that you can truly say you trust. If you are not already working with Sidney Lee Welding Supply, it will benefit your business to learn why we are the right supplier for you.


Sidney Lee Welding Supply is committed not only to our customers and our employees, but also to the communities in which we live and that we serve. We have been long supporters of Boy Scouts of America through both local and national contributions. We also support local rec teams; the Christian Women’s Center, which provides aid and housing for women in need; and our employees are also involved in recommending support for various additional charitable causes.


To be the very best source for Industrial, Medical, and Scientific Gases, Welding Supplies, and Solutions.


To sell and service the highest quality products available in the industry. To support these products with knowledgeable people who are continuously learning. To exceed customer expectations with every transaction by providing second-mile service.


  • Faith
  • Family – Fun
  • Honesty – Integrity
  • Service – Dependability
  • Never Sacrifice Safety, Quality, and Accuracy for Speed or Convenience.

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Over the last 50 years, Sidney Lee Welding Supply has grown in numerous ways. As we have grown, we have learned that our employees are a crucial contributor to our growth and success. We understand that the right people, offering their ideas and expertise, will enable us to continue to grow. We aren’t looking for just anybody. We want people who can contribute in meaningful ways. We’re looking for a team player. Someone adaptable, self-motivated, and passionate. Somebody confident in their ability to act decisively in a dynamic environment. If that sounds like you, you are precisely the type of person we have been looking for. We are committed to finding, developing, and retaining the best people for our company. In return, we aim to ensure that our employees are engaged and happy while we provide opportunities to develop their skills, further their careers, and achieve their goals.

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Our Locations

Our main office is conveniently located in Hampton, GA with additional locations serving your need for welding supplies and industrial, medical, and scientific gases in Conyers, Macon, Douglasville, and Atlanta, GA.

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